As an artist it's important to keep your creative juices flowing. I enjoy a good collaboration from the initial concept design to the discussions with the fellow creatives involved. A lot of my work starts as a project. This is my approach to all the work I do. Some times things happen accidentally, but if you're not prepared to embrace mistakes then you may never notice how this can improve the outcome. Coincidentally, the mistakes are sometimes the final image.

Double Exposure

When you have an amazing dancer in front of you and time to experiment and collaborate, wonderful things tend to happen. Leaving the movement to the dancer, the experiment became enhanced with the double firing of the shutter. Using a strobe and ambient light the images speak for themselves showing a range of emotion which is open to interpretation. Published in MOXIE Magazine in 2019.

Art Linen Collages

As I started to get more involved with the idea of making collages I may have gone overboard in my spare time. These images are some visual spitballing.