We often don’t hear or see how other see and hear us.

There is a gap between what is taught and what is learned.


In late 2019 I embarked on a project to explore the stereotypes of Masc & Femme that I felt were changing and adapting constantly in the queer community. Part of this came from what I see on social media where there are plentiful images of celebrated adaptation of identity and colourful examples of expression.


The project started as a minor set of unpublished images which sat idle on my hard drive for almost a year. I used clothing usually reserved for the feminine and juxtaposed this with a masculine body. Not exactly groundbreaking but it was my starting point.  I wanted to show the vulnerability of the model and the choice of clothing gave me this outcome.


After major restrictions had lifted, I revisited the project and changed tack in terms of the outcomes I was originally looking for. I made a decision to project the raw images and overlay these on top of the same model again. I was very open to the experimental process with my model and he was also instrumental in the outcome.


The redesigned project now lives as a live and editable body of work which I am adding to from the selection of images we chose from this experimental shoot. I am adapting new techniques by using my phone and having fun with filters without labouring over each image in Photoshop. I will be using similar techniques with new models as these people come out of the woodwork, and offer themselves up to my experimental process.


More to come…..

Tristan Peter, Brisbane photographer of fashion and portraits, goes back to his roots in 2021.

People photography is where I embarked on my career and have been focussing my energy for many years. What’s different now? The past 12 months has taught me that even in uncertain times it’s important to keep an open mind and pivot into alternative areas when you see an opportunity or have an idea. Like many a Brisbane photographer, I was unable to continue shooting and working on concepts and found myself isolated for most of 2020. Seeing an opportunity, I pivoted my energy and the projects I was working on into a totally new concept, Art Linen. While this venture is in its infancy and covid lock downs have eased, I am opening back up for shooting folios and headshots in Brisbane and surrounds. 

I am available by appointment. I will also be arranging head shot days so follow my Instagram and Facebook pages to stay in touch!

I am always up for a conversation about how I can help you achieve your best portrait, modelling experience and add to your book. Why is your image so important these days? Your folio, or book, is an integral part of any online personality or business. I’m not talking major influencer, just people who put themselves out there in the world. Whether it be for your personal brand, your business or just to keep a memory or mark an achievement. While we have our session, I will infuse my love for art and fashion into the images we create. Check out my session options and get in touch to make a booking.

Art Linen by Tristan Peter, so GLAM

Looking for that perfect gift for someone? I have printed some of my collages and images on Linen. These pieces are extremely functional as tea towels and will brighten your kitchen! They also look great framed! Art Linens are available from my store.