Art Linens are Glamorous Tea Towels

Art Linens, by Tristan Peter came about during the covid lock down in early 2020. I had embarked on a couple of projects with some amazing creatives and had to re-imagine the original concepts due to not being able to meet up again to continue the process. Using this time in the first lock down period to really indulge in some creative and innovative thinking,  I came up with a series of digital collage concepts. These glamorous Tea Towels were born of a period of self-reflection and realisation. Ultimately they are functional, and just happen to be individual pieces of art to brighten your home.

Brisbane photographer, art prints on linen for sale, collages, creative project. Art for your kitchen. Tea Towels All images are subject to copyright. Owned by Tristan Peter Photographer

I photographed collectibles, flowers and anything that interested me and then experimented with digital collage techniques to combine my images. It all started pretty innocently, then escalated into a passion project. The organic progression of the project took its own form when I was introduced to someone who helped me get the printing process started. Before I knew it I had a couple of samples, which gave me the confidence to commit to my first print run. I have chosen just a selection of the collage work and added in some images from the archives. You can see the first collection in the shop. I have a few more idea up my sleeve for future additions, watch this space.